Meet Lori Fendley owner & agent: Welcome to our page! I am a retired teacher and began planning trips for others about 12 years ago. It wasn't until 4 years ago that I actually completed the classes and opened my own agency! My small family loves to travel and when I became within a few years of retirement, I decided to be a travel agent. My (then) 11 year old daughter thought up the name and the rest is history! We plan all types of vacations from Disney,cruises, Hawaii, honeymoons, the name it and we have booked it! We believe that customer service should be the #1 goal and we strive to make that happen with each and every booking. Every time you book with us, you will receive a personalized itinerary written specifically for your family and your trip. No templates or prewritten itineraries! Contact us today to start planning your magical vacation!  

or call me at (205)446-1117.

Meet Wendy Stephens, agent. Wendy is the newest addition to TWTM but brings with her lots of experience.She has worked as an agent for several years and, in the past, specialized in Disney Destinations. She has recently joined with TWTM and begun booking all the destinations in the world!

​In Wendy's Words: Since my first visit at the age of 5, I have had a passion for Disney. I can talk your “Mickey” ears off all day long about my love of Disney. I have traveled extensively to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Lines, Universal Studios in Orlando & California. As a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge, an onsite agent education program, I have put my passion, experience and love to work at helping people professionally. Not only can I book Disney but I can book cruises with companies like Carnival, Princess and Royal Caribbean just to name a few. I can book all-inclusive couple’s retreats or honeymoons.  No vacation is too small or too big--and remember--NO charge to you. (205) 612-3683 

Meet Ronda Posey, agent. Ronda began working with TWTM in the spring of 2013. She and her husband have 2 children. Ronda loves cruises and has been on several different cruise lines and excursions.

In Ronda's Words: To sum myself up in one sentence- All I want is a lifetime of adventure. I love to discover new places and see new things. I rarely go to the same place twice because there are so many places I have yet to explore. I am especially interested in anywhere tropical. I love all-inclusive travel and cruises. Disney will always hold a special place in my heart.  Disney is always evolving so every trip offers something new and exciting.  I can't wait to see where my wanderlust leads me next and I would love to help you find your next adventure!

Meet Amanda McHan, Planner. Amanda was the first agent to join TWTM after Lori opened the business. She and husband, Jeff, have one (almost grown) daughter. Amanda transitioned into the planning position and writes many of the itineraries. You may speak with Amanda when planning tours or dining options for your trip. In Amanda's Words: I used to collect travel brochures and dream of places to go. I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t planning pretend trips. When internet was brought into my life, I was able to download menus and I am a little embarrassed to admit I planned what we would order. I am lucky enough to be married to a guy that is willing to put up with my planning.  We travel a lot and enjoy discovering new things about each and every place we visit.  

Meet Our Agents & Planners

"Travel isn't a hobby, it's a way of life."- Christina Columbo

Welcome to Travelin' with the Mouse Travel Agency, where all of your travel plans are taken care of with style, sensibility, and comfort in mind. We're a one-stop shop for your travel and exploration needs.